PEI Family Lawyer / Divorce Lawyer / Mediator

Family law is perhaps the most sensitive and emotional area of law, often needing a peaceful approach because of the potentially very damaging effect of litigation on children and parents. Over time, my practice has focused more on mediation and collaborative practice and negotiation rather than the court based process. The goal is generally to achieve the best result while minimizing the emotional and financial toll on the overall family unit. Often couples can enter into a separation agreement to settle matters (which is the most cost-effective approach).

Know your rights:It is essential that you know your rights and obligations in marriage, cohabitation, and separation. Family law is a very broad area of law dealing with: Property and the equalization of property for married couples, trust law division for common law couples, custody of children, access to children, spousal support, child support, possession of the family home, child protection, adoption, and more.

Cohabitation and Marriage agreements:Cohabitation and Marriage agreements can be entered into either prior to or after cohabitation or marriage. People often refer to agreements entered into before marriage as a "Pre-Nuptial" agreement. Cohabitation and Marriage Agreements are wise as they set out each spouses rights and obligations to one another with regard to spousal support, property and other issues before the issues even arise. As a result, these agreements reduce the possibility of any legal issues arising on a breakdown of the relationship. Less legal issues means reduced emotional turmoil and obviously reduced legal costs.

Separation agreements: The negotiation and signing of a Separation agreement is often the major goal after a couple separates. A Separation Agreements sets out the rights and obligations of each spouse with regard to spousal support, property, child support, access and custody, and other issues.